Mr. Jerry Crow

Hello My Name Is.
Jerry Crow

Hi!  I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

   Prior to joining Stafford High School, I worked 17 years at Sandia National Laboratories as a welder and machinist.  My job focused on working within the weapons department to aide in building and welding test items.  It was also during this time that I began my own mobile welding business that I was able to operate during evenings and weekends.  My business is still thriving and focuses on structural steel and repairing heavy equipment for various companies. 


Through a series of opportunities, I was able to take my skills and manage a steel fabrication shop as a project manager.  As I embraced this role, I was able to teach new employees the trade of welding and fabrication while ensuring employees were well-trained in processes.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing new employees grow professionally as they implemented skills that had been learned through coursework. 


As I discovered my passion for teaching, I saw a need to work with younger welding students to help prepare them for a career in welding.  I am very excited to be at Stafford High School and look forward to growing students' knowledge in this exciting field!