Advertising- Marketing

Advertising and Sales


Instructor: Mrs. Nikki Laurent

Room: High School- F110


Conference Period:  12:38-1:25

Tutorials : Tuesday

Welcome to your Advertising Class!


Course Outline:

Students will:

  • Discover the difference between Advertising and Marketing and their importance.
  • Learn how Advertising impacts various aspects of Business.
  • Uncover the history of Advertising and the impact on today's methods.
  • Learn how Government can affect the business of advertising.
  • Learn how Advertising and Selling go hand in hand.
  • See the components of an Advertising Campaign and how it impacts a company.
  • Develop your own advertising campaign.



    At the end of each grading period, you will receive a grade.  Your final grade will consist of the following:

  • Daily Grade is 40 % of your final grade. There will be 7 of these.
    • Classroom participation (how well you do in the class and working as a teammate)
    • Homework
    • Quizzes


  • Major Grade is 60 % of your final grade. There will be 3 of these.
    • Tests
    • Projects
    • Group Assignments/Projects
    • Individual Assignments/Projects


      Make Up Work:

  • Make up work is the student's responsibility. Please get with me and we can discuss the process. (It will be listed as a “0” or missing grade until it is completed.)
  • All missed homework and daily assignments should be made up within 2 days of your return to school.
  • Tests and quizzes will be made up the day you return or the arranged date with the instructor.



  • Journal that you will write in daily.
  • Pens, blue or black is fine.
  • 3 ring Binder (Any color)
  • Notebook paper