Business Information Management 1



Instructor: Mrs. Driver (Matthews)

Room: F111                             Phone No. 281-261-9239

        Conference period: 1st  7:30 -8:17am  Email:

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed to develop technology skills with applications to personal or business situations.  BIM focuses on word processing, electronic spreadsheets, databases, telecommunications, desktop publishing, presentation management, networking, and the Internet.  (Recommended prerequisite:  Keyboarding or Touch System Data Entry)


  1. Develop skills for success in the workplace.
  2. Create and revise documents using computer technology.
  3. Select appropriate technology to address business needs.
  4. Apply word processing, desktop publishing, and spreadsheet, database, and presentation management technology.
  5. Use of problem-solving to meet project deadlines.


  • Min 10 grades(min 3 major)
  • 40% - Daily Grades -including quizzes
  • 60% - Major Grades including test, projects,

 Makeup Work   (Makeup work is your responsibility!)

    • It is the student’s responsibility to get missed work from me, a classmate, or the board.
    • Absent students will have how many days they are absent plus 1 day to make up work
    • Daily Assignments should be turned in on time. Any assignments turned in after the due date will have 10 point deducted for each day up to 3 days. On the 4th day a grade of 50 will be given if turned in.
    • Test/Quizzes will be made up the day you return to class or the arranged date with the instructor. If a student fails a major test, they are allowed one retake with a replacement grade not to exceed 75.
    • After-school makeup/tutorials are on Mondays 3:15 – 4:15