Human Resource Management



 Instructor: Mrs. Driver
 Room: F111                             Phone No. 281-261-9239

Conference period: 1st period 7:30 - 8:22    



Students analyze the primary functions of human resources management, which include recruitment, selection, training, development, and compensation. Topics will incorporate social responsibility of business and industry. Students develop a foundation in the economical, financial, technological, international, social, and ethical aspects of human resources in order to become competent managers, employees, and entrepreneurs.

Units of Study:

Human Resources Management (finding, selecting, and evaluating employees)

    • Culture and Diversity in Business
    • Developing a Career Plan
    • Getting a Job
    • Job Skills


  • Min 10 grades (min 3 major)
  • 40% - Daily Grades -including quizzes, warmups, exercises, activities
  • 60% - Major Grades including test, projects, and current events.


Makeup Work   (Makeup work is your responsibility!)

  • It is the student’s responsibility to get missed work from me, a classmate, or the board.
  • Absent students will how many days they are absent plus 1 day to make work
  • Daily assignments should be turned in on time  Any assignments turned after the due date will have 10 points deducted for each day up to 3 days.  On the 4th day a grade of 50 will be given if turned in.
  • Test/Quizzes will be made up the day you return to class or the arranged date with the instructor. If a student fails a major test they will be allowed one retake with a replacement grade not to exceed 75
  • After school makeup tutorials are on Mondays 3:15 – 4:15


  • Notebook paper, 1 pencil, 1 pen