English II

Stafford High School English Language Arts Department 


-A notebook grade will be given bi-weekly every six weeks . The notebook includes Warm-Ups, Notes and Graphs, W.O.W Reflections, Vocabulary, and Exit Tickets
-Daily Grades and Major grades will include projects, tests, essays, and other assignments as decided by the grade level data teams.

Make Up Work:

-Make up work will be accepted after an absence according to the guidelines in the Student Code of Conduct
-When a student is absent the student should ask the teacher for all assignments missed.

Late Work:

-Late work will be accepted according to the guidelines in the Student Code of Conduct
-For every day the assignment is late, 10 points will be deducted from the grade


Step 1: Student Conference
Step 2: Contact Parent
Step 3: Parent Conference
Step 4: AP referral

Student Responsibilities:

-Come to class prepared with all necessary materials
-When the bell rings, be in your seat and working on the warm-up.
-Answer all questions in complete sentences
-Be respectful to teacher and fellow students
-No sleeping and No heads down


-Ms. Jackson will hold one hour tutorials once a week after school on Wednesday's from 3:15-4:15


There will be oral and written discussion and assignments in class that are thought provoking and sometimes controversial. We live in a global society and we must be prepared to analyze what is happening in the world both past and present. If you have any concerns about the topics and content please feel free to contact me to voice your concerns. If needed an alternative assignment will be given.

Teaching Philosophy:

"When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you do not blame the lettuce. You look into the reasons it is not doing well. It may need fertilizer or more water or less sun. You never blame the lettuce."-- Thick Nhat Hanh