Pre-AP English I

I want to formally welcome you to Stafford High. SMSD is pleased to offer Pre-Advanced placement English classes for the 2015-2016 school year. These demanding classes require more effort, attention, and skill than the on-level classes. Pre-AP classes are recommended for highly motivated students.

We are pleased that you have chosen to enroll in a Pre-AP class; however, we want all parents and students to completely understand the rigor of the class and the commitment required by student. This is a large commitment. The goal of this course is to prepare students for Advance Placement classes and get them to and through college in a successful, high-achieving manner.

Please read the following information carefully:


Late Work:

-Students will lose points for every day late. If the work is turned in after three days of the original due date, the highest grade a student will receive is a 70. If a student is absent the day that an assignment is due, then he/she must make arrangements for the assignment to be brought to the teacher the day after they return. They will not be penalized for legitimate absences.


-Students are encouraged to buy their own books so that they can annotate as they read. If purchasing a book is not feasible, accommodations will be arranged. Students will be working with the following books this year in class (starred books- consider purchasing your own copy):

The Glass Castle: A Memoir Jeanette Walls *                                 Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare

The House on Mango Street Sandra Cisneros*                               The Odyssey Homer

To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee

-Students will also be required to present two book reports during this school year. Rubrics and expectations will be handed out to students concerning this project along with the corresponding due dates. Students need to be continually reading; that is the purpose of the book reports. Students will be provided a list in which the can pick the novel that interests them the most.

Expectations About Reading:

  1. Assigned reading is done outside of the class time.
  2. Students should be able to discuss deeper concepts from the novel.
  3. Students are expected to read the books required- NOT depend on Cliff’s notes or class discussion for understanding.
  4. Students should be responsible enough to communicate questions or concerns about assigned texts.


Writing is an integral part of every Pre-AP class. Students will be required to write process papers of varying lengths throughout the year. In class, timed essays will be assigned on every grade level. Papers written outside the class must be typed. Students are, of course, expected to turn in original work. Plagiarism, like other types of cheating, result in a 0 for the assignment. Plagiarism, in its simplest terms, means presenting as one’s own any or all portions of someone else’s work, including papers found on the internet.


All students should attend tutorials when they need help with assignments. If a student is failing, they are required to attend tutorials. My tutorial time slot is every Wednesday 3:15-4:05. If students cannot attend during the tutorial time slot then they need to arrange accommodations with the teacher.



Students are expected to act like mature, young adults. If a student is found breaking any rules from the student code of conduct, disrupting the classroom environment, or being disrespectful in any way, there will be consequences. Many of the texts that we will address are mature and deep, so students need to bring the right attitude into my classroom. Please help me work with your student to improve upon their behavior. I cannot educate your student without your help. You are integral to their success!

If you ever have any problem or concern, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to meet your needs and work with you to enable your student to succeed. I am very transparent when it comes to my teaching; you are always welcome to schedule a day to come observe. I am extremely excited for this school year. Thank you for all that you do.


Ms. Megan Thompson

PAP English I, AP Literature and Composition, Yearbook