Dance Program
Dance combines artistry and athleticism.  This class will introduce students to dance and include both physical activity and written work.  Students will learn dance terms and techniques for a variety of dance styles to include stretching, dance fitness & pilates, jazz, ballet, modern/contemporary, multi-cultural dances, hip-hop, ballroom, etc.      

Students will be required to dress-out for class in a timely manner.  Dance students will wear plain black leggings, a black T-shirt or Dance Program shirt, and optional appropriate footwear or socks.  

Grading by six (6) weeks will include:
 •  6 daily grades based on class participation, dressing out and following classroom rules
 •  6 quiz grades based on Dance journals
 •  3 test grades based on terminology and performance
*Dance class students are required to participate in annual Winter Showcase and Spring Show performance for a grade.

The Stafford Winter Showcase - November 28th 2018 @ 7pm in the Civic Center
The Stafford Sensations Spring Show - April 11th 2019 @ 7pm in the Civic Center


"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It's to enjoy each step along the way."  

First Semester Content: Second Semester Content:
1. August 15 - September 21 4. January 8 - February 15
    Stretching, intro anatomy, dance fitness     Modern/Contemporary
2. September 24  - November 2  5. February 19 - April 5
    Jazz             Choreography
3. November 5 - December 19                             6. April 8 - May 22
    Ballet     Multi Cultural, Ballroom, Hip Hop
    Semester Exam                                                  Spring Show Performance, Final Exam