Summer Band 2018
Summer Band Schedule 2018

Q & A
1. Is Summer Band Required
Yes. If you do not attend summer band you will not have a primary spot in the UIL marching show. You will automatically be an alternate.
2. Does everyone march on Friday Nights
      Yes. If you are a primary marcher and but if you miss Monday night rehearsals and are not prepared for the show       will you not march on Friday Nights but you still have to attend the Friday Night Game.
3. Does everyone march at UIL Marching Contest
No. People that are assigned as alternates will not march at UIL but will perform at some games. They will still travel with the band on Friday Nights and play in the stands. 
4. What is an Alternate Marcher?
Someone who does not attend summer band. Someone who needs to focus more on academics. Someone who can not perform their music by memory by the time we have playoffs.
5. Is memeorizing the show hard?
No. We practice enough that most people have the show memorized pretty fast. You still need to practice.